Never get bored: Chisco TV Is Now Streaming Your WhatsApp Status

Chisco tv

•Whatsapp entertainment surfaced due to the introduction of the whatsapp status update by WhatsApp Inc. In February 2017,this gives you the access to view your contacts updates in the sense that if a contact is mutually saved you can view the updates made by that person. It is now used by some firms Known as WhatsApp TV’s as a means of entertainment

•Chisco TV is a WhatsApp TV with over 15,000 subscribers and still counting established to give her subscribers quality entertainment and cast away boredom as their motto implies

•A lot of things happen when a person is sad some of which are;Constant fatigue,Internal/external Body aches,Vents anger to everyone/everything

Chisco TV posts mainly viral and hilarious contents to bring laughter and happiness to all her subscribers.

The goal of Chisco TV is to bring the best quality entertainment to all of her subscribers and bring forth smiles on everyone’s face.

Below is a list of what you get when you have Chisco TV on your contact list;

~True life Stories

~Hoe Stories

~Funny Stories

~Life experiences

~Funny Memes

~Fact you never knew

~And lots more

•You too can start viewing Chisco TV By Saving Their Number {+2349039039905} and texting them your name or by clicking *here*,%20I%20want%20to%20subscribe%20to%20your%20whatsapp%20status%20stories,%20my%20name%20is%20

•For more information

Instagram @chisco_tv

Twitter @chisco_tv

Facebook @chiscotv

WhatsApp @+2349039039905

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