SHOCKING! 57 Youths Arrested During Gay Initiation Party


There is no better time to warn parents to pay more attention to the activities of their children and friends they keep.

As far as the laws of Nigeria are concerned (Section 1 (1) of Same Sex Marriage Act 2014), homosexuality is a crime punishable by 14 years imprisonment if convicted.

But it appears many youths in Lagos are not scared of this law and its implication on their future.

How do you explain the establishment of gay clubs in a country where the act is prohibited?

On Sunday, August 26, police intelligence revealed that some youths (males) were to be initiated into a Gay/Homosexual Club between 1 am and 2am.

The venue was Kelly Ann Hotel & Event Centre, situated at No. 3-7 Adenrele Street, Egbeda.

Consequent upon this, operatives led by DPO Shasha and DPO Idimu stormed the venue at 2am.

On arrival, young men numbering about 80 were met in a hall taking different types of drinks including banned substance like Tramadol, Shisha laced with substances suspected to be Marijuana etc.

As soon as they sighted the police, they ran into different directions, but the team arrested 57 of them.

The Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, shared this story on Monday when he invited some journalists to meet with the arrested youths.

Although, investigation into the case is ongoing, CP Edgal explained that he allowed the access to send a warning to parents about the dangerous trend.

Chatting with some of the suspects brought up several denials. Some claimed to have been at the hotel for a wedding party, one said he was a dancer invited to perform, another said it was his birthday and he went to have fun.