Nollywood actor, Prince Jide Kosoko, says he didn’t become a polygamist by choice, insisting that circumstances led him to marry many wives.
When his actress wife, Henrietta, died on June 6, 2016, it was hard for Kosoko to deal with it due to the bond they shared together.
Reacting to possibility of marrying another wife, he said, “At my age and with over a dozen children, why should I marry another wife? I still have a wife but people mix things up. I have heard many terrible things about me. There was a time some people said I have moved in with another woman. They have forgotten that my wife, Alhaja Bimbo, is still with me. She seniors my late wife, Henrietta. The first child we had together has graduated in America but they think I just got a new wife.”
He further stated that it was not his design to become a polygamist considering his upbringing, I am not supposed to be a polygamist.

He added, “My first wife, Sola’s mother, was working with the Nigerian Customs and I was always travelling. So, I was tempted to take a second wife. But unfortunately for me, I lost two wives within a year (1992 and 1993) and I was not up to 40.
“Two of my girlfriends were very close to the house and my friends too would come with their girlfriends. We turned the house into a brothel. Later, my doctor female friend advised me to remarry, saying it was the best for me because I was too young to be alone without a woman.
“I agreed to take a wife but there were two women in my life – Henrietta and Alhaja Bimbo. Since I couldn’t say no to either of them, I married two wives again.”
Kosoko opened up that when people began to allege that there more to the death of his wives, he regretted his decision. He admitted, “I said to myself that if I didn’t have more than a wife, I would not be in the news in a bad light. But am I the only one that has domestic family problems? Without being too negative or defensive, we have seen a family where the children, father, and mother died at the same time.”


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