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I Bought This Nigerian Rice Today And I Found This Thing Inside It (photo)


I Bought This Nigerian Rice Today And I Found This Thing Inside It (photo)

Good morning readers. I hope you spent your night very well? I want to bring to your notice this morning what i found inside the Nigerian rice i bought this morning. I really want us to be very careful of what we buy and where we buy it from. 

Although, i dont know the name of the thing i saw inside but from what i can see, it might be something dangerous because even if it isn’t poisonous, if it being swallowed inside the stomach, it can actually harm us.

Few people today die as a result of things like this. Imagine, not only this that i found inside the rice, I also found stones and some black things that I can’t even recognize at all.

Imagine if someone mistakenly swallows something like this, it could actually store in the appendix if it’s not excreted out due to the fact that it can’t digest at all. 

From there, pains will begin at the appendix and can lead to death if not operated on time.

Well, i will advise you that when you buy the Nigerian rice, you should pick it very well and wash the rice thoroughly.

Although, it does not guarantee that it will be 100% clean but at least prevention is better than cure.

Have you also had any kind of experience? I mean have you also found something similar to this after buying the Nigerian rice from the market?

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